Mothers & Daughters

Datum: 24 tot 27 September

Door: Meggie van Kaam & Minou Hexspoor

Prijs cursus: € -

Why you want to join this workshop

As mother and daughter, you create an incredible journey throughout life. Both your journeys are unique on their own, yet at the same time deeply connected through many aspects: strength, pain, love, history, joy, struggle, family, spirit, fear, thought, habits, choice, etc.


This three-day workshop is for mothers and daughters who would like to strengthen and deepen their relationship with each other and themselves.

During this workshop you will:

  • create your life-story through the eyes of your inner hero/strengths

  • share your story with your mother/ daughter and explore individual and 
    shared experiences

  • discover and create connection, joy and forgiveness

  • find a non-judgmental environment where you and your mother/daughter explore who you are through the eyes of your core strength and and who you are for one another

  • receive coaching, healing, self-development, drumming, intuitive reading, group work, and more.

  • join and connect with other mothers and daughters


Why you want to join this workshop


Meggie van Kaam & Minou Hexspoor

We are mother and daughter and together we are organizing this inspirational workshop for other mothers and daughters. See below for more information about us individually.

Meggie van Kaam

Hi! My name is Meggie. I’m the mother of Minou. I’m married and I have seven children, ages 22 to 40 years old. I have four grandchildren between 8 months and 20 years old.

I am educated in Holistic healing, Reiki healing, Shamanism and Mediumship and have a degree in social pedagogy. I’ve worked in the mental health and youth care sectors and run my own business, Light Insight, The Healing Studio.

My interest lies in the energy between people, how we react and act with one another, and how this is influencing our own story and the story of others.

Daughters and mothers have a special connection throughout all phases of live. It changes and evolves. When we are aware of this change and follow its lead, we can come to a greater understanding and a better connection with our inner mother/daughter as well as in daily life.

I’m looking forward to sharing your life stories, provide healing, drumming, dancing and more, and create togetherness for a better understanding of your own story and deepen your mother-daughter relationship.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Chatin, France!

Minou Hexspoor

Hi! My name is Minou. I’m the oldest daughter of Meggie and sister to six brothers and sisters. I ‘m married and have a 20-year-old son.

I’m educated as a Professional Certified Coach, and in sociology and pedagogy. I’ve worked in youth care and as an international manager in the humanitarian aid sector. I run my own leadership and team performance business with clients across the globe, The Nomad Coach.

My interest lies in authentic connections between people and how our life stories can become what empowers us, and carry our gifts to ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. I believe in the power of change through choice, and in our ability to create the life we desire.

Mothers’ and daughters’ journeys are often intensely connected with one another and I believe that having a deep awareness of our own story and that of the other, brings us closer to ourselves and one another.

I’m very excited to offer this workshop together with my mother to other mothers and daughters through coaching, group work, mentoring and meaningful mother-daughter engagement, contributing the meaning of your mother-daughter relationship.

Program Outline



  • Welcome & introductions

  • Intention Setting + Mindset Work


  • Discovering Your Strengths and Values

  • Creating a Vision of your Inner Hero


  • Dinner & Evening Gathering



  • Developing your Inner Hero Story

  • Sharing your Story


  • Mother & Daughter Connect through strengths and pains

  • Healing/Forgiveness/Letting Go


  • Dinner & Evening Gathering



  • Recap Yesterday & Sharing Experiences

  • How Are Mother & Daughter Connected through their Stories


  • Mother & Daughter Create Together

  • Mother & Daughter Celebration Ritual, Closing Ceremony


  • Dinner (optional)

Practical Details

Mothers & Daughters (18+) who want to explore, strengthen and celebrate their relationship with one another and with themselves

Where: l’Huy Préau, Chatin, France

When: September 24-27, 2020

  • Arrival: Thursday

  • Workshop: Friday – Sunday

About the Environment: Nature, comfort, campfire, nurture, coziness, intimacy, space, freedom. 

Costs include:

3 Night stay
Full board 

Accommodation options
Room for 2, shared bathroom: € 565 p.p.
Room for 2, private bathroom, € 608 p.p.
Room for 1, shared bathroom: € 608 p.p.
Room for 1, private bathroom: € 655 p.p 

Boekingen lopen via Loeky Ekkel, tel. 0573-221199, email of via onderstaand inschrijfformulier.

l'Huis Préau

58120 Chatin


Tel NL: 0573-221199

Tel FR: +33 3 86 85 29 60
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